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We applaud the efforts of your Company to free us from our foreign supply chain dependencies, and the loss of profits to our American economy!


We have developed a shopping platform to help patriotic Americans make better-informed choices about their purchases. You can find our Patriotic American Shopping Network at, and we are always expanding our Product Listings.


Because this is intended to be a large-scale shopping site, we can only process Product Data Feed files, which we currently receive as an Affiliate Publisher to the Commission Junction and Linkshare Marketing Networks.


If your Company could provide a consolidated/specific feed for your products on these or other Affiliate Marketing platforms, we would be happy to list your products. If you do not sell your products directly to consumers, please provide us with the names of your distributors or vendors who do.


Once we Partner with you as a Vendor, you will also be able to sponsor some of your products on some of our Product Category/SubCategory Listings, and request a free Admin Login to view your Ranking information.


Please contact us at if you are interested in advertising with us...


Thank you for your patronage!


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