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The Patriotic American Shopping Network offers a large variety of products for sale on a website similar to many popular shopping sites. However, our site also indicates a patriotic ranking for products and vendors displayed as a series of 1 to 5 American Flags, showing the relative amount of money that will remain in the USA after you purchase the product.


Truly Made in the USA? 1 Flag on a product label is not enough, often only the label is made in the USA!


The Patriotic Ranking is based on U.S. Patent No. 8160936, and factors in the percentage of American material, labor, and ownership across the manufacturers, distributors, and vendors in the supply chain. This provides a much more accurate indication of the patriotic rank than a “Made in USA” or “American-Owned” label where these percentages are unknown. The ranking data is obtained from business information vendors and supplemented by direct contact with supply-chain personnel.


Only products with at least a 1-flag rank are displayed for purchase. Clicking on a product purchase button will display the relevant pages on the vendor's website where the transaction can be completed.


Every product purchased with a higher patriotic rank than competing products will directly benefit the USA more than any other option, if you can find a suitable product at an affordable price. The more we support our American producers today, the more options we and our children will have tomorrow.


Founded by a U.S. Army veteran to help our country, now it's up to you to help buy our country back...


God bless America and you!


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