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The Patriotic American Shopping Network provides information to help you to evaluate the relative economic contribution of your purchase to the U.S.A. Please see About Us page for more information.


We provide a more accurate evaluation of this contribution than other shopping sites, based on data obtained from business information vendors and supplemented by direct contact with supply-chain personnel, and this approach is based on U.S. Patent No. 8160936.


However, we rely on this data for our evaluation of each Product that we list, and cannot assume any responsibility for the accuracy of this data. We will downgrade Product Rankings or remove dishonest Companies and their Products from our listings if we believe your complaints are justified. Please contact us so we can do this at if you believe you have been misled, and thank you for your patronage!


Please note that most currently available Products are manufactured outside of the USA, but are offered for sale with a minimum Flag Ranking of 1, in order to provide a wider selection for the Products you seek.  We hope to raise the bar to 2 or more Flags as your purchases continue to support the return of American manufacturing whenever possible...


We will never scam you!


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